Male Strip Shows

Male striptease shows have been around for decades, but it’s only been of recent years that they have come to the forefront of the entertainment world thanks to the massive feature film “The Full Monty” hitting the Hollywood screens.

The film was based around 5 average working guys who accidentally embarked on a male strip show taking place at their local social club. These 5 guys realised that women of all ages were attending these types of shows and at these events it was women who had full power and control over the men. The hysteria and atmosphere at this show was second to none and the male stripping industry as we know it today was born. It wasn’t long until male strippers started popping up in pop culture and featuring in television shows and music videos.

The Dreamboys have been at the forefront of it all. With their elaborate choreography, cheeky personalities, a healthy dose of humour, The nationwide Dreamboys shows offer you a chance to let your hair down and go wild for a night.



Male Strip Shows

We Pave The Way For Male Strip Shows

The Dreamboys came along and finally created a show that gave women exactly what they wanted. Stunning men with beautiful bronzed bodies who had the dance ability of a fully trained professional dancer and the looks of a Greek god.

The Dreamboys show is like no other male strip show on planet earth, an action packed night full of music, muscle, magic and mayhem. Consisting of authentic costumes that women fantasise about, sculpted torsos and high energy dance routines that will simply leave you breathless. It’s no wonder The Dreamboys now have celebrity status and have fast become the biggest and most famous male strip show the UK has ever produced.

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The Dreamboys Show Every Saturday Night

The Dreamboys now have 13 resident shows and clubs across the UK every Saturday night in the following major cities:

London, Blackpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham

Perfectly created for hen nights, birthday parties and girls nights out, this is one show where “Dreams Become Reality”

Shows Every Saturday Night In 13 Cities Across The UK

London Male Strip Show
Blackpool Male Strip Show
Birmingham Male Strip Show
Bournemouth Male Strip Show
Brighton Male Strip Show
Bristol Male Strip Show
Cardiff Male Strip Show
Edinburgh Male Strip Show
Leeds Male Strip Show
Liverpool Male Strip Show
Manchester Male Strip Show
Newcastle Male Strip Show
Nottingham Male Strip Show
Dublin Male Strip Show