About Us

The Dreamboys are an icon of British culture, a brand driven entertainment company that produces west end style shows around the world which have been perfectly created to cater for hen nights, birthday parties and girls nights out. The Dreamboys shows usually take place in theatres, arenas and nightclubs but can be tailor made to suit any type of venue or event no matter how big or small.

Established in 1986 for the sheer entertainment of women, the company has evolved into an international brand operating 16 Dreamboys clubs across the UK every Saturday night as well as huge international tours. The Dreamboys perform in front of millions of women every year and have been featured in more newspapers, magazines and TV shows then any other male strip group in UK history. Known as the only show of its kind in the UK to have celebrity status, this strongly confirms The Dreamboys place in the market as the UK’s most famous and recognised brand name in ladies entertainment. For our nationwide theatre tour dates click here.


Capitalising on the companies powerful brand name

The Dreamboys can license its trademark for worldwide manufacture, sale, and distribution of products that range from calendars, DVDs, clothing, merchandise and much more. The Dreamboys provide an online lifestyle and entertainment destination for women of all ages through its website dreamboys.co.uk which features a wide array of editorial, pictorial and video content, shows and tours information and The Dreamboys web site store, which sells branded products and tickets for our shows.

The Dreamboys have offices in London and Essex and operate 13 Dreamboys clubs across the UK every Saturday night. The Dreamboys has established itself as a place “Where Dreams Become Reality”® for women of all ages.