Hilarious Hen Night Stories

Every woman wants a Hen Night to remember which includes plenty of booze, dancing, and funny stories. The Dreamboys team have gathered some hilarious stories from fans all over the UK and we want to share them in this weeks news. We have selected our favourite story and the writer has won two tickets to a Dreamboys Show of their choice!

Read the hilarious Hen Night stories below, these are definitely worth reading!Hen Night


“A couple of years ago I was at my friends Hen Night/BBQ. We started playing a game of truth or dare and when it came to my turn I decided to do a dare. My friend decided that I should kiss her older brother (who was doing the bbq). As I went to kiss him I slipped on the grass, fell on my backside, spilt a glass of red wine over my new white jeans and ended up wearing his boxer shorts for the rest of the evening. Never been so embarrassed. However I still got my kiss and we still laugh about it today” – Michelle Tolson

“I was on a Hen Do at a similar show to The Dreamboys and we were on stage playing a relay game. The gorgeous guys would line up on chairs, put a marshmellow in their mouths and we had to take it out of their mouths, run to a plate on the other side of the room and drop it on. The one with the most marshmellows won a prize. So we’re half way through the game and I’m quite drunk so I grab the marshmellow in his mouth and start pulling at it but he wouldn’t let go. He has a look of horror in his face and starts yelling – I’d only gone and bit his lip instead! There was blood everywhere and the guy had to be taken in the back. I’ve Never been so embarrassed!” – Joanna Watson

“My friends other half’s Stag Night was on the same night as her Hen Do. We spent the whole night following the stags and hiding and stalking to make sure he was behaving himself. We got caught out and it ended up a joined affair – it was sten night haha” – Holly Neale

“A friend of mine went to an amazing Hen Party at a friend of a friends house. She was pretty drunk and needed a cigarette, so she went outside to have one. She was really drunk so decided to take a walk around the block to sober up, but ended up walking across a muddy field, then walked back to the house. Too drunk to wipe her feet at the door, she trailed mud up the stairs into the bathroom. Feeling pretty sick she decided the best thing to do was brush her teeth, so she borrowed a tooth brush and brushed them. Then she walked out of the bathroom but realised the hall looked funny, to which it dawned on her that the whole house was different. There was no music and no sound from downstairs…she had walked into the wrong house! She went to run down the stairs but the person who’s house it was walked to the bottom looking terrified and said “can I help you?” so she made her way down, said sorry and ran out the door. She found the right house but didn’t say anything, left and never spoke to her friends’ friend again. It had me in tears when she told me!” – Dan-eh Bates

“My fiancé organised my hen night. When me and the girls walked in it was a gay bar!!! They were fit (not as fit as The Dreamboys though) and they joined in and made my night fun. Guess my man arranged it so he knew I would be a good girl!” – Rachael Summerset

Do you have any funny Hen Night stories you wish you share? Tell us in the comments below! We love to hear from our fans. And why not celebrate your last night of freedom with The Dreamboys? To book your tickets click here

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