The Dreamboys Monthly News – April/May

Throughout April and the start of May, The Dreamboys have been putting on their amazing tour shows throughout the country and have absolutely rocked the stage as usual. Scotty T has starred in three shows throughout April, and he’s loving life with The Dreamboys as you can see in the pictures below:

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Scotty T is set to join The Dreamboys in more theatres later on this year. For more information and dates go to

The tour show has had many new features added, and a couple of new guys have come along. It’s always great to have fresh meat (excuse the innuendo) and you will not be disappointed with our new hunks, Jamie and Anton. Jamie has already started and is definitely wowing the audience on tour. Anton is currently rehearsing and will be on stage very soon.

Meet Jamie:


Meet Anton:

DSC_2857 DSC_2909 kopia

Wow. Could this show get any hotter?! Book your tickets now at

This month we have welcomed a new sponsor to the company. Pro Gains are a nutritional food supplier who will be supplying healthy protein-filled meals to the boys whilst they’re on tour. The Dreamboys work extremely hard to keep in top shape for the shows, and Pro Gains will keep them eating right when on the road. Check them out at 

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We apologise if you’re now feeling a bit hungry.

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Let’s finish with a couple of photos of The Dreamboys out on tour!








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