Benedict Garrett Big Brother 2012

Yes, it’s official, Benedict Garrett one of The Dreamboys star performers has gone into the Big Brother house and what a great reception he got. The former School Teacher turned Male Stripper and Porn Star made a grand entrance onto the Big Brother set and Benedict Garrett had certainly dressed for the occasion looking his smart well dressed self.

Benedict Garrett Dreamboys

Benedict Garrett Big Brother

It was only a year ago that Benedict Garrett aka Johnny Anglais shot to fame making Worldwide news headlines after being caught out by one of his pupils on the Internet for being a Male Stripper and Porn Star. Benedict was then suspended from Teaching and had to face a tribunal to see if he was allowed to return to Teaching, luckily The Dreamboys recognised his natural talented and signed him up where he soon became one of the most famous Male Strippers in the UK and Worldwide.

David Richards, The Dreamboys Manager said, it’s a pleasure to have Benedict Garrett or as we know him Johnny Anglais on board with us, he is an absolutely amazing performer as well as a great guy to work with, he has the biggest Male Stripper fan base in the World along with The Dreamboys.

We are very very proud of Benedict Garrett and now he has gone into the Big Brother house this is the icing on the cake for his career and I’m sure I’m going to get lots of phone calls my Office offering Benedict Garrett aka Johnny Anglais lots of different job opportunities and contracts etc. It’s very exciting for The Dreamboys brand and very exciting for Benedict as well, we are looking forward to his return and what the future holds.

We now ask all The Dreamboys fans and Benedict Garrett fans to get behind us and support us in helping Benedict aka Johnny Anglais win Big Brother 2012.


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